Large Bowel and Anus

Large Bowel and Anus Surgery

Large bowel and anus surgery is established as a general surgery subspecialty under the name “Colorectal Surgery”, in all European countries for several years now.

A general surgeon needs several years training and experience before he is considered a “Colorectal Surgeon”.

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery is not a part of laparoscopic surgery. It is an alternative way for the colorectal surgeon, of doing the operations that he would other ways been doing with an open procedure.

Large bowel anatomy
Large bowel diseases

Large Bowel and Anus Surgery

Large Bowel Diseases

The majority of the large bowel operations are operations for cancer.

On the other hand, the majority of the anal operations are for benign diseases.

The large bowel consists of the colon and rectum. Rectum is the last 15cm part of the large bowel and ends up to the anus.