Familial Adenomatous Poliposis

Large Bowel Polyposis

It is a hereditary disease causing the large bowel, and in some cases other parts of the bowel, to have many polyps. The patient has an increased risk for developing cancer and should be operated after reaching 20 years of age.

The operation performed is total excision of large bowel, including the mucosa of the anal canal and ends by joining a sac which is formed with the last part of small bowel to the anus.

The patient is faced postoperatively with problems such as large number of bowel movements and incontinence which in most cases are managed efficiently. This operation though eliminates the possibility to develop cancer.

It is of great importance to be aware that these patients have also increased risk to develop cancer in other organs which should be checked regularly. Patents with polyposis should be managed by a properly trained team of gastroenterologists, surgeons and cilinical geneticists.