Publications in International Journals

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Definition of the Rectum: An International, Expert-based Delphi Consensus.
DʼSouza N, de Neree Tot Babberich MPM, d’Hoore A, Tiret E, Xynos E, Beets-Tan RGH, Nagtegaal ID, Blomqvist L, Holm T, Glimelius B, Lacy A, Cervantes A, Glynne-Jones R, West NP, Perez RO, Quadros C, Lee KY, Madiba TE, Wexner SD, Garcia-Aguilar J, Sahani D, Moran B, Tekkis P, Rutten HJ, Tanis PJ, Wiggers T, Brown G.
Ann Surg. 2019 Apr 8. doi: 10.1097/SLA.0000000000003251. [Epub ahead of print]

We would like to thank the following experts for participating in both rounds of the consensus:

Africa—T. Madiba; Asia—KY Lee;
Europe—A. D’Hoore (Belgium), S. Laurberg (Denmark), E. Tiret, JP
Gerard (both France), S. Stelzner (Germany), S Goursoyianni,, G.
Pechlivanidis, J. Souglakos, C. Triantopolou, E. Xynos, (all Greece),
V. Valenti (Italy), A. Albers, R. Beets-Tan, WA Bemelman, S. Breukink,
JWT. Dekker, P. Doorenbosch, TM Karsten, J. Merijerink, I.
Nagtegaal, C. Punt, H. Rutten, T. Wiggers, CJH Van de Velde (all
Netherlands), F. Pfeffer (Norway), A. Lacy, A. Cervantes (both
Spain), T. Folm, P. Nilsson, L. Blomqvist, B. Glimelius (all Sweden),
A. Acheson, A. Baxter, R. Beable, C. Beadsmoore, G. Branagan, K.
Chapple, J. Conti, N. Francis, N. Gouvas, R. Glynne-Jones, SJ
Holtham, I. Jenkins, S. Karandikar, S. Kapur, A. Mirnezami, B.
Moran, S. Moug, J. Murphy, H. Narula, G. Nash, D. Nicol, D.
O’Leary, R. Rahaman, V. Sams, I. Shaikh, Sharawdwani, O. Shihab,
B Singh, J. Sington, C. Speakman, A. Stearns, N. Stylianides, P.
Tekkis, O. Warren, NP West, J. Wheeler, S. Wijeyekoon (all UK);
North America—S. Wexner, D. Sahani, P. Sylla, J.A. Garcia; South
America—C. Quadros, R. Perez, C. Ortega.

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