Recent Activities

International Journals Publications

  • 1. Dimitrios K. Manatakis, Nikolaos Gouvas, George Pechlivanides, Evangelos Xynos. Ventral Prosthesis Rectopexy for obstructed defaecation syndrome: a systematic review and meta‑analysis. Updates Surg. 2021 Oct 19

  • 2. Georgios Pechlivanides. A review of various anatomical definitions of the rectum and their clinical implication in rectal cancer management. Int J Surg Med. 2021; 7(3): 50-55. doi: 10.5455/ijsm.rectal-cancer-management-greece

Lectures in Greek Congresses

  • 1. Webinar «Breast Cancer, News from St Gallen 2021 , May 18th, 2021 Surgery session
  • 2. 6th Scientific Forum «Oncology: Quo Vadis?», September 24th-26th, 2021 Breast Cancer Surgery session
  • 3. 7th Interdisciplinary approach of Breast and Gynecologycal Cancer. November 26th & 27th, 2021, Breast Cancer Surgical Cases with Oncological interest
  • 4. 15th Congress, Society of Study, Research and Treatment of Metastatic Cancer, April 8th and 9th, 2022. Local treatment of denovo oligometastatic disease

Teaching Lectures on Postgraduate Colorectal Surgery Training

  • 1. Postgraduate Seminar, Pelvic and Perineal Surgery, Medical School University of Thessalia

    Webinar December 4th, 2021

    4 lectures on ‘Defecation Disorders’

  • 2. Postgraduate Seminar, Colorectal Surgery,  Medical School University of Thessalia

    January 14th, 15th,   2022     5 lectures on ‘defecation and obstructed defecation’

    February 19th, 2022       ‘Quality of colectomy’

    April 1st-3rd, 2022    ‘Rectal Surgery’

  • 3. 6th Masterclass, Gastroentestinal Cancer

    March 9th-13th, 2022 ‘Rectal  Cancer Surgery’

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